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Arjan Coenradie – Managing Director

There is one key word popping up from Arjan’s resume: international. In his career, Arjan has always been internationally oriented. Early in his career, he was responsible for business development globally for flexible packaging for bulk shipments whereas later in his career he spent 4 years in East Africa developing a business for farm scale biogas systems.

In 2017, Arjan joined Stirling Cryogenics in the sales department with the responsibility to further develop the business for (bio)LNG production systems. After the acquisition of Stirling by Hysytech in 2018, Arjan has taken the seat of Managing Director.

“I feel very inspired by the international character of Stirling’s activities. We have machines in operation all over the world and work with farmers in rural Africa as well as with researchers on applications in outer space. Both situations are challenging in their own way and that makes the work very diverse and interesting.”

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