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Meet the team

Stirling Cryogenics works with a team of highly motivated professionals. Below is a cut through of the organization and some team members present themselves.

Arjan Coenradie – Managing Director

There is one key word popping up from Arjan’s resume: international. In his career, Arjan has always been internationally oriented. Early in his career, he was responsible for business development globally for flexible packaging for bulk shipments whereas later in his career he spent 4 years in East Africa developing a business for farm scale biogas systems.

In 2017, Arjan joined Stirling Cryogenics in the sales department with the responsibility to further develop the business for (bio)LNG production systems. After the acquisition of Stirling by Hysytech in 2018, Arjan has taken the seat of Managing Director.

“I feel very inspired by the international character of Stirling’s activities. We have machines in operation all over the world and work with farmers in rural Africa as well as with researchers on applications in outer space. Both situations are challenging in their own way and that makes the work very diverse and interesting.”


Hans Vissers – Operations Manager

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials” is a quote from the Roman philosopher Seneca and so very true in daily operation of whatever business one is dealing. Hans is looking for improvements in any way and with his positive mindset he can make things happen in the right way. Of course, his technical background in mechanics and managerial skills enable the use of the right tools and insights. And as the quote reveals, there is no glamour to reach if there is no friction present.

“Hans joined Stirling Cryogenics in 2019 after a career that started as Mechanical Engineer in engineering reciprocating compressors after graduating as MSc in Mechanical Engineering. During the years the focus has always been at working in research, engineering and management. “It is a very satisfying job knowing that we as a team are able to deliver our various cryogenic cooling solutions to the specific demands of our customers across the world and meanwhile also continue learn from the things we do.”


Francesco Dioguardi – Sales Manager Closed Loop Cooling Systems

After graduating as BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Francesco joined Philips Cryogenics in 1986 to be responsible for Service activities on the two-stage Stirling Cryogenerators. When Stirling Cryogenics became independent from Philips in 1990, he joined the Sales Department as Technical Sales Engineer being responsible for the system design of complex cryogenic systems. This evolved to a position as Sales Manager for different market areas, always with an emphasis on closed loop cooling and customized systems.

During these 30+ years at Stirling Cryogenics, Francesco has been responsible for the system design, sale, detailed design, manufacturing and testing of many of such cryogenic systems. Today his focus remains on these customized systems for different markets such as HTS, LH2, magnets, space chambers, science institutes and recently all electric airplanes.

“I find it exciting to find the best solution for the customers’ cryogenic cooling requirements. Often this may be a variation of an earlier system set-up, but even after 30 years new and surprising applications arise. The creative process of designing together with the customer an optimal cryogenic system based on our equipment is always inspiring.”


Daan Maessen – Senior Engineer R&D

Daan has always been interested in ‘fringe’ topics: As a child he devoured popular science books on astronomy and particle physics. As a teenager he became more interested in space technology, which led him to study aerospace engineering. Even there, he didn’t settle for the typical airplane or satellite, but worked on inflatable satellite structures and formation flying satellites.

From 2013, he is in the grasp of cryogenics and has worked on the continual improvement of the Stirling Cryogenerator. “Even though our basic cryogenerator design is over 50 years old, it continues to amaze me how well it was designed. Improving this old design is challenging, even with today’s tools. It requires thorough knowledge of various engineering disciplines to really understand what is going on in the machine. That’s what really appeals to me in this job.”

Frank van de Klundert – Project Manager

There is one key word popping up from Frank’s resume: spider in the web. Solving conflicts between parties and bring people together, in a reasonable degree of independence, to look for solutions and thus move the project forward. His role as project manager is overseeing projects from Sales to Installation & Commissioning, ensuring high product quality and maintaining customer satisfaction respective to on time and within scope delivery and budget control.

Frank worked for 28 years in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical business in sales, contract management and project management internationally and joined Stirling Cryogenics in 2017. With his background he provides a big contribution for Stirling Cryogenics in the LNG and BioLNG market. The cryogenic market was a big eyeopener for him when he joined. “I like the different markets that Stirling Cryogenics is serving and I was surprised how many different applications use our product.” I am proud of being part of a great team, all dedicated to finish projects to the satisfaction of our customers.


Ton Massuger – Service Engineer

A key principle for Ton is to supply service to customers all around the world on a 24/7 basis. Ton started his service work 30 years ago. Ever since he has travelled all over the world and spent a lot of time in Asia, South America, and India to provide service. In 2017 Ton joined Stirling Cryogenics.

I have visited many interesting costumers during my work at Stirling all around the world. From simple and straightforward up to complex installations which is giving me every time a new challenge to improve myself. What is making my job very satisfying, is working in a great and dedicated team in and outside our office.


Robin de la Combe – Production Technician

From an early age, I have enjoyed taking apart all kinds of devices that malfunctioned. Quite often, they proved to be beyond repair but the interest planted a seed which directed me make educational choices. After finishing school, I have been working in mechanical engineering for almost my entire career. From hydraulic loading cranes to compound feed machines.

By chance I ended up at Stirling. The work at Stirling cryogenics is very interesting as it involves a lot of different sides and it will never get boring.

Together with my colleagues in machine and system assembly, we make a beautiful product that we don’t get tired of talking about.


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