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Lockheed Martin & ITT, USA

2-Dtage cryogenerators for Helium gas cooling at 20K for space simulations testing.

As early as the 1970’s our company and its predecessors have been supplying 2-stage SPC-1T cryogenerators to Lockheed Martin (California) and ITT (Fort Wayne IN) for space simulation applications. Over the years almost ten each have been supplied.

The coolers are used to provide a stream of cold helium gas (typically aorund 15-20 Kelvin) to a test chamber or thermal shroud.

As the SPC-1T has an integrated CryoFan to create a gas flow, it can be connected directly to customers application, which, in these cases, are test chambers to test instruments and parts at (extremely) low temperature.

Amongst others the crygenerators have been used in the development of the F-35 (JSF).

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