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Blood, tissue & virus preservation


Cord Blood, Stem Cell and Virus storage is a process where cells, blood, whole tissues or viruses are preserved by cooling to low sub-zero temperatures, such as (typically) 77K or −196°C (the boiling point of liquid nitrogen).

At temperatures below −130°C biological activity ceases and storing at these temperatures is necessary to preserve the material unaltered. Moreover, the inert capabilities of nitrogen help prevent deterioration of quality of biological material.

Stored in liquid nitrogen, cord blood and stem cells will be available for use up to decades, which makes a reliable LN2 supply of vital importance.

Years of work and investment could be totally wasted should the content of a cryogenic vessel perish due to a lack of sufficient liquid nitrogen. Hence, it is important to organize liquid nitrogen availability in a reliable way. Bulk suppliers may not always serve small customers perfectly, while long distances to the bulk production site may cause logistic difficulties.

The solution to the abovementioned issues is to produce your own liquid nitrogen on-site by using StirLIN Production Systems.


Liquid nitrogen production systems

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