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Medical Oxygen


Nowadays most hospitals have medical oxygen available from outlet points wherever they are required. It plays a crucial role in their day-to-day performance as operational theatres, intensive care wards and general wards need to have medical oxygen available at all times.

The use of medical Oxygen gas has become widespread due to the development and modernization of medical care. It has become one of the most essential constituents of modern medicine in hospitals. This need for an autonomous supply of medical Oxygen has become even more eminent during the last Covid emphasized years.

On-site liquid medical oxygen production by Stirling Cryogenics provides a reliable and autonomous supply. It avoids much of the manhandling of gas cylinders, saves valuable space in storage and provides with a long-lasting buffer of medical oxygen even when there is a power outage. An on-site oxygen Production facility on the premises of the hospital provides the advantage of making the hospital independent of outside suppliers, especially in isolated areas or in areas (islands) where natural phenomenon’s (for example tornado’s, hurricanes or earthquakes) are known to occur.


Liquid oxygen systems

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